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Property Management

Keri & Company property management offers personalized one-on-one property management between tenants and owners. The difference is in the size! I keep my property portfolio small so that I am able to provide direct management and remove the upcharges. 


Pricing is clean, clear, and concise. We charge 10% of all rent paid from the time of service. My confidence in the service I provide allows me to offer the option of month-to-month service to fit your needs. 



Tenant screening, tenant placement, communication, rent collection, maintenance request, inspections, move-out cleaning, and property turning for the onboarding of new tenants. You can rest assured that your property is in good hands with fair pricing.


Contracts vs Month-to-Month

Month to month allows you to cancel your service at any time although I'm positive you wouldn't want to. Our contractual agreement saves you more money and convenience. Contractual agreements require an account so that maintenance issues are handled faster under a certain amount and creates smoother problem resolution.


The Difference

Why Keri&Co? Previously having worked in the property management industry I witnessed the excessive charges to keep the company afloat. When I formed Keri&Co I vowed that would never become a practice; owners and tenants would always speak directly to me, never given the runaround, and always receive transparent pricing. Smaller portfolios allow me to give direct service, uphold my ethical values, and do what I love.

Manage My Property


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