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Business is the Lifestyle


Allow me a moment to share more about my skills that may interest you and how I am able to enhance your business. My passion is in streamlining processes. I am always searching and finding new ways to make your processes smoother. Organization and time management are my niches, these two superpowers allow me the ability to make enough hours in a day. My background began in 2012 as an Airman learning administration and processing skills in the US NAVY. This experience led me to complete a bachelor's in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship; because if you learn how to build a company you can understand how to maintain and reconstruct over time. Since then, I have held many titles in many sectors, including but not limited to, Government, State, School Boards, Law, and alongside CEO's! 


Business is the lifestyle

Service Details

 Data Entry

Travel Arrangement

Memo Drafting

Expense Reports

Calendar Management

Email Management / Communication

Project Management

Task Coordination / Time Blocking

Billing / Bookkeeping

CRM Tools

Order Products and Supplies

Client Services Manager

Implementation Specialist



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